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Ian Chamberlain

Ian Chamberlain’s work reinterprets man-made structures as monuments placed within the landscape acting as architectural metaphors of past and current technological achievements.

Ian has had a longstanding fascination with technology and architectural forms, these have included structures within industry, agriculture, science and the military. These in the past have included Goonhilly Earth station, The Lovell Telescope, The Maunsell Sea Forts and the Acoustic Sound.

Ian is interested in the use of a traditional Print process such as etching being used to record subject matter that is at the cutting edge of technology for its time. The etchings become an extension of his drawing allowing him to record the location through the interlinking processes of drawing and printmaking. The work serves as a visual historical document and record of places that he has visited.

Ian has exhibited nationally and internationally including London, Hong Kong, Sydney, New York, Barcelona and Berlin. His work is held in several national and international collections, such as the Ashmolean Museum, The Tate and the V&A.

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