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Timothy Simmons, Portrait 2023 (2040_edited.jpg

Timothy Simmons

Timothy Simmons is a British artist working at the intersection of physical and virtual realms. His multidisciplinary practice examines anthropogenic activity through the use of traditional and cutting edge imaging technologies and processes such as lidar, photogrammetry, game engines and artificial intelligence. His research questions our existence and actions as we live through the Anthropocene. Simmons’s work explores anthropocentric power hierarchies - that of governance and control over individuals, humanity and ultimately the planet. Simmons considers our current planetary state, our existence, to be a tragicomedy. He questions how we are any different from fossils, which in a perverse form of recycling, are literally fuelling our demise? Will it be the digital, electrical form that we will live on and through?

He is interested in landscapes created by civil engineering and uses unmanned aerial vehicles and remote sensing to digitise topographies from the built environment. The scans he creates are documents of cultural heritage in the form of digital conservation through conserving spaces and ‘non-places’ where the natural and built environment meet.

Alongside his artistic practice, Simmons has held numerous academic and lecturing positions. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts (FRSA) and a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (PFHEA) in recognition of his extensive academic and leadership experience within UK Higher Education.

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