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Jeanette Barnes

Jeanette Barnes’ practice engages with the constant development within the urban environment, fascinated by the way vast architectural projects are changing the nature and demography of given areas. Many of Barnes’ sketches are made outside, then built up to large pieces through trial and error in her studio. These drawings are not about one single moment, but a combination of ideas and experiences, bringing together the most interesting aspects from different sketches to create the final piece.


Much of Barnes’ recent work has centered around the developments within the city of London, seeking to explore the relationship between these built environments and those who inhabit them. The resulting drawings are very large in size, allowing the viewer to enter the drawing as a physical presence, becoming involved and generating a sense of energy and excitement which is representative of being part of the city.

Jeanette Barnes studied BA Hons Fine Art at Liverpool Polytechnic before she went into her post-graduate painting and printmaking degrees at Royal Academy Schools and Royal College of Art. During this time she was awarded the John Moores, Henry Moore and Richard Ford scholarships. She has exhibited in many group exhibitions including several times at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Hunting Group, Drawings For All, Cleveland Drawing Biennale and Jerwood Drawing. Jeanette was a prize-winner in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Lynn Painter Stainers, Discerning Eye, Hunting Group, Drawings For All and Jerwood Drawing. Her work is represented in public, corporate and private collections.

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