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D*Haus is an experimental Architecture and Design practice that strives to make complicated things simple. 

Anise Gallery has collaborated with D*Haus design collective since 2013, sharing and promoting innovative design products and artwork created by the design duo, who specialise in the mediums of furniture, design and architecture.

Their current available work, Enter the 36 Chambers of Unrealised Projects, is a visual diary, a representation of all the mistakes, wrong turns, dead ends, endless variants, endless hope and endless enthusiasm to try to build a DHaus Dynamic House. All the different options have been washed up in a graveyard drawing file.

The work expresses this quest in the form of a 3D drawing with roads, pathways, stairwells and more that link each project from one to the other. A kind of maze of thinking, and nothing really in order which is kind of similar to the actual project timelines. The work is presented as a triptych, however, each work is separate and each display a part of D*Haus's architectural planning process.

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