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Hand Finished Limited Edition Print from experimental architecture and design practice D*Haus.

Print Size: 84cm x 84cm

Framed Size: 90cm x 90cm

Sold as framed


This work is a visual diary, a representation of all the Mistakes, wrong turns, dead ends, endless variants, endless hope and endless enthusiasm to try to build a DHaus Dynamic House. All the different options have been washed up in a graveyard drawing file to eventually create this piece.


The work expresses this quest in the form of a 3d drawing with roads, pathways, stairwells and more that link each project from one to the other. A kind of maze of thinking, and nothing really in order which is kind of similar to the actual project timelines.


The spread of the drawing transcends 3 canvases, all 841 mm x 841 mm, these drawings are like shifts in time and thinking, nothing is clear and there is not direction.

They are designed to sit in a triptych, but we are happy to sell separately, just let us know your preference. 


For delivery quotes, please get in touch with us. 


D*Haus - Enter the 36 Chambers of Unrealised Projects (R)

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