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Limited Edition C-Type Print mounted on Aluminium

125cm x 65cm

Edition of 5


Completely constructed in CAD, Cocksure was modeled down to the most minutiae of detail in the computer. Alleviating the issue of funding to produce such a large scale installation, the piece becomes an untruth itself as although it appears to exist in real life it doesn't!


The Title
"If you look at the etymology of Cocksure .. it was a quaint old English word meaning quite assured and confident - I think it's defined as being something like “sure of one’s own mind”.

The second part of the title “Is anything ever what it seems?” is a frustrated remix of the infamous quote from Phaedrus, “Things are not always what they seem [the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.]”. Frustrating .. because misinformation is rife, misleading and so very frustrating when it could be avoided .. but the will has to be there, the quote mirrors the way the first reading is very different from a considered one. The work is also not what it seems at first."


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RACHEL ARA 'Cocksure (Is Anything Ever What it Seems?'

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