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Oil on linen
70 x 85cm



Helen Shulkin is a German artist currently based and working in Hamburg. In her work, she touches upon the connection between external architectural changes and internal transformations in consciousness, which reflect a transition from rigid, immutable structures to more flexible, adaptable forms of thought and existence. Architecture here is not just a backdrop or context, but an embodiment of time and its spirit.


The deconstruction of architectural forms in the paintings reflect the disintegration and reinterpretation of societal dogmas and the human psyche. Through the blurring of boundaries, the blending of planes and colours, the artist aims to show how stable ideas are subjected to doubt and therefore, deconstructed into their components to reveal hidden assumptions.

Shulkin explores deconstruction as a technique or method as well as using it as a means to probe deeper questions about the essence of reality, the nature of perception, and the ways in which we construct our world — both internally and externally. Through this lens, Shulkin explores how her work becomes an act of meditation on how we interact with our environment and how it, in turn, shapes us.


Please be aware this artwork will be shipped from Germany, so please allow 5 - 7 business days for delivery. For any queries please send us an email at

Helen Shulkin - Architecture Space 1

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