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Set of 6 Postcards

5.8 x 4.1 inches



Retreat is a photographic collaboration between Amy Elyse Stringer and Matthew White. The work consists of double exposures taken on various box brownie cameras c.1920.


“We reside in the same household and all images were taken during our daily exercise around Crystal Palace Park. The work allowed us to remain creative and take what was essentially a repetitive daily routine and turn it into something unknown and interesting. We each shot a roll, rewound the film and shot over each others film the following day, creating double exposures.


Developing the film at home a few days later not only meant we could work in isolation of other parties, we also had the excitement of discovering the results together, where some frames came together beautifully, some frames did not. The work has given us a sense of anticipation we were lacking whilst in lockdown.”

Amy Elyse Stringer & Matthew White - Retreat Set of 6 Postcards

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