(ab)Normal 'Tower'
  • (ab)Normal 'Tower'

    Limited Edition Print of 10


    50cm x 50cm

    Prices are unframed.

    These are being printed on demand so there may be a short wait for you print, please do let us know however if you need it quickly and we can definitely try to help!

    Work is from their first public exhibition at the gallery in November 2018


     (ab)Normal, a young collective of Italian architects, have been making waves amongst the art and architecture community in Europe. 


    The project which comprises graphic imagery and accompanying texts came out of a joint frustration they experienced in rendering photorealistic images whilst working in architecture. A desire to explore the ‘fantasies abandoned during the design process’ (Koozarch interview 2017) led them to set up (ab)Normal in 2017. An experiment in architectural representation, they carefully de-construct photorealistic renders before  rearranging them as illustrations based on Normal vectors. In so doing, they avoid any traditional structure that builds the contemporary, familiar visual notion of space to produce an allegory of a culture that revolves obsessively around the internet, gaming and religion.